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2019. máj. 23.
2019. máj. 14.

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Dr. Németh Ibolya / Bia licensed traditional small-scale producer, environmental trainer, rural hostess


I got the nickname ’Biobia’ from teachers at a pedagogical training in the middle 90s. I began to use it in 2010 when I was searching a name for my products.
I gladly take on every kind of environmental education, raising awareness, further pedagogical training and activities described on my webpage. I’m a devotee of a positive environmental education. My goal is to make more and more people take responsible steps – even small – for a sustainable life.




7673 Cserkút, Árpád köz 3. Jakabhegyi Bt.

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Telefon: 30/ 4372-340
Facebook: Biobia Porta Pajta Szálló

I was born in ... , Hungary, in a peasant family as a late third child. I was registered at birth as Németh Ibolya Mária, I got the nickname ’Bia’ later. Mom was a housewife, nursed many farm animals of ours and worked on our fields. My father was a stonemason. My 80-year-old grandfather played an important part in my childhood, it is possible that my enormous pursuit of freedom comes from him. The love of nature has soaked in my mind forever, I have carried on the traditions, learned sustainable life and chemical-free gardening.
I had a free and pleasant childhood. Didn’t go to kindergarten but later to a contracted junior class that had a wonderful, real, old-fashioned schoolteacher. I had five Hungarian and 25 gypsy classmates. We were allowed to play, walk in the forest and work. At the age of 10 I was responsible for the cows on the pasture all day long, during it I was hoeing, gathering chickweed for the animals and sorrel for supper. We used to have warm supper with the whole family together. It was really nice... I went to senior class in Lengyeltóti, sometimes by bus, sometimes on foot in the high snow. I was a scoutmaster, organizing the life of my junior team, I liked leading very much. They accepted me and were glad to me. It felt soo good...
I attended grammar school in Fonyód. The train driver used to wait for me when he saw that I was running in the field towards the train. (I thank going by train for the capability of having a word with anybody and even Ulti or Ultimó, Hungary's national trick-taking card game for three players). I wasn’t an easy student. I was searching for freedom all the time and they always wanted me to regulate. I collected a huge amount of inferior feelings among the other girls from Lakeshore Balaton, who wore jeans, went out and had boyfriends. I smoked, drank and did everything so as to became special, too. In the meantime Uncle Hari and basketball found me and gained some friends from whom I still have a great, mutual, supporting relationship with one of them. I took part in a few good camps with picking red-currant and teenager l’amours. Those good old hitch-hikings...
I came to college to Pécs to become an architect and a teacher. At the beginning I regurarly failed the technical subjects. They did want to prove that I’m silly though the curriculum was bad. (Later I wrote my thesis for the doctor’s degree about the possible reform of the training.) So, instead of studying I dealt with organizing student community: we made the boarding-school cosy and brought on a good communal life. I did spend a lot of energy on it. I joined the Group of Patronizing Foster-homes and visited them: we talked, sewed, did make-ups, played football and basketball, exchanged letters, acted Santa Claus, camped, did opinion polls and appeared on television. I did enjoy it...
I stayed working in the college and continued organizing student community. In between I got married and had my first child. Soon the second but I lost her in a month and my uterus, too. My son was growing up peacefully, during it I studied a lot and parallelly became experienced in cooking, sewing, knitting and solving problems. Although my parents lived fary away, I always had some homemade food from them, and the neighbouring lady became an excellent baby-sitter. I completed my pedagogic studies, joined civvy street and city conservation. Then we adopted our daughter and I spent a wonderful time as a full-time mother again with a lot of playing, creativity and mess in the flat...
I went back to work and became a member of the Educational Development Group. We held big events and conferencies and made educational films. I led a movie club and learned to animate. In my first study tour I travelled to Basel, to a Worlddidaci. The world has opened in front of me. In the meantime I was also a mother of a prominently talented son, and a daughter with learning difficulties. Then I could finish my doctorate and was employed by the Pedagogical Department.
I had a rich career in higher education, plenty of projects, a huge amount of study tours all over the world and managed TEMPUS applications. As I was searching for the opportunities of a child-centered pedagogy and the methods of early intervention, I met environmental education which nowadays is called the education of sustainability – or in many ways. I stepped in the life and leading of The Hungarian Environmental Educational Association where I gained a lot of experiences, chances, nice relationships, new friends and companions, and knowledge.
I launched many projects and was busy with them, made books on methodology, proofread. My colleagues, students and me created a multimedia called „Zöld Ödön a Földgömbön” (A journey through history for senior classes) which is still sold in bookstores. I organized postgraduate courses, held trainings, taught in more faculties, departments and cities, and shaped attitude where I could. In the meantime, I did everyting for my family that I was able to. We (I) moved back to the nature, to Cserkút, built a farmhouse from its ruins and saved its wonderful garden.
I joined local life and made strong changes as I always did: an association for beautifying the village, a conception for a sustainable rural development, or a fight for a more advantageous local development plan. It was successful because Cserkút became not much bigger like other villages around Pécs. Meanwhile my children grew up and moved away.
I met psychodrama therapy, was healing by it for some years, built myself up, and made important decisions in my life: after 25 years I left higher education once and for all, and divorced my husband in peace. Fortunately, both me and my children can still count on him. He helps us a lot with his perspicacity and his view of reality.
I did the required qualification and worked as a nursery governess for four years. There was order in my life again, I won over myself so as to connect fully to my children and not to follow my own head. As a result, I could experience lots of love, affection, laughter and joy with them. It was also really hard to work in the nursery, thus I give all my respect to the fostresses who can do their job with love even after 40 years. In my freetime I fell into the way of walking in the woods and collecting herbs and mushrooms. My first grandchild was born, he is 6 now and we love to hike, together with the local children. He always gets into the car saying: „Grandma, I’ll come next time, too, okay?”
Meanwhile I became Zánkay András’ assistant in psychodrama groups and helped in the development of the members’ personality in order to handle their human relationships better. I learned a lot in these situations and from Max as well (Max Clayton therapist regularly holds workshops in Hungary). I also tried out psychodrama tete-á-tete in the nature which ended really successfully. I also took my masters to the magic world of Jakab Hill, showed them a would-be nomad hideaway and told my conception about a „forestal psychodrama”. They encourage me to do it!
In my private life I finally experienced a stormy love of my life which was out in youth. Since then I feel as a real, mature woman and handle my relationships without fighting my feelings of lack. I do know that I will meet my match. In the language of psychodrama: I could develop one of my immature parts and it affected all other parts of mine that I have in my life.
I quit my job in the nursery and started a stable family business at the age of 52. I started it for myself in order to have such a job that is really cut out for me. (As I was weeding out couch grass, it came into my mind that my parents wanted to put me to a trade in which I wouldn’t do such a hard work in the heat. They didn’t think that it is a free and nice thing to do.) I also started it for my children and grandchild. My daughter doesn’t get a job and her husband is unemployed now as well although he has more skills and could work. My son became a social pedagogue but he hasn’t had a paid job, yet. He got married, they want to have children and receive my bio vegetables, fruits and other supports of mine...
This is me now. It’s very uplifting to create something. I get many help and my local relationships are deepening. Éva helps me a lot with her experience in rural hosting, we work out together our eco-touristic tenders, Joli is always ready to listen to me and picks me elderberry, Lajos cleans my carpets, Gyuszi solves all my DIY problems, Sanyi and Józsi build my beds, mend bug-screens and repair furniture, Erika sews cover on the sponges and the curtains, Barbi gets cheap furniture and hand-basin holders, Gyula digs holes for the compost-toilets, Kata waters when I’m away, Tamás makes my building plans, Viki gives advices on economy and provides food sometimes, K. Laci takes photos of my houses and flowers, István uploads my stuff onto my webpage, Szilvi and K. Jóska look for pictures of weddings and christening, U. Laci sharpens my hoes and scythe, Móni helps in the shop in everything. And they are all from Cserkút. It’s sooo nice to live here!
All the information is nearly up-to-date. I have had another grandchild and my mom has moved to my house. My business is going on well, too...