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2019. máj. 23.
2019. máj. 14.


Beetroot with persimmon

One of my acquaintances helps a farmer sell his persimmon. The climate has reached the point where persimmon, that was an unknown fruit for us, grows in our country, too. Okay, but what to do with it? It is too sweet by itself, thus only few people like it. „Bia, please try what to do with it!" ...Okay, I'll buy 5 kg and try... My first try became very successful. I mixed it with beetroot and apple. I rasped the beetroot, chopped the apple fine, peeled the persimmon and mixed them. At last I squeezed lemon on it and the result became great. Soon I served it at a buffet reception and they gave us an A-plus for it, people really liked it. My next try will be blackthorn jam with persimmon. In a photo I saw some being hanged, may they dry? I guess not here but in a warm climate. Have youe ever tried persimmon? How it is eaten in its homeland, great travellers?

kakis cekla


The pomegranate experiment continues

You may remember when I shared that I'm trying how long „the fruit of life" can be stored. I have simply put them in a paper box in the pantry and they are still fresh and juicy. Their peel has dried but their seeds are still rustling when I take a bite.smiley4.1 Why is this knowledge important for me? The promegranate doesn't have any pests, its main virtue is „pureness" but there are many others such as vitamin B and C, minerals, antioxidants. The last one is often read but it's an important quality here and now. Researchers say it contains much more antioxidants than red wine, although it is also in front of the list. Fortunately, oncologists have already proposed it to their patients in Hungary. (Medicinal fungi haven't reached so far, yet.) It's a special, medicinal fruit, available even in winter, when it's the most necessary for your body. So, I'll buy three small trees and plant them. If pomegranate is stored and grown so well (whilst other fruits except fig fall down full of worms and can only be stored as dried fruits), I will make others love it till I have breath.smiley4.1 And I haven't even mentioned Aphrodite smiley4.1 Do you have any experiences with it?

granatalma kiserlet


Service tree is ripening as well

Unfortunately, this tasty fruit is sinking into oblivion. Today's garden owners don't plant service trees and the bigger problem is that their father hadn't planted, either. It becomes productive quite slowly, today's people cannot wait for it. It's a preserved species and was chosen to the tree of the year last year.
I like it weazened, as a jam as well as a vinegar but last year I discovered that it dries by itself. I stored it on a drying rack in a breezy part of the shed, it dried without any assistance and became pretty tasty. Last year we had a lot of guests taste it at the Ökocsali Buffet, most of them for the first time. I have picked a bigger amount again in the hope of the same result. Sometime it was being sold in a market with the following advice: „Buy service tree if you have the runs!"

hazi berkenye


A fine mushroom stew

Always from the seasonal mushrooms, we used to eat a lot in my childhood. Last weekend a small group ordered from me healthy meals without meat. I hoped that I will find mushrooms in the woods and I would!
One of them was pretty anxious about how to survive without meat. At the end he told me that he would have changed to such vegetarian food at home if somebody cooked them like that.
My mushroom stew contained chanterelle, penny bun, charcoal burner, chicken of the woods, jelly ear, and a couple of dianthus – all picked fresh.
I served it with dumplings made of bio-eggs, lettuce with Jerusalem artichoke germ, creamsoup of green amaranth with dill and homemade strudel with soft quark cheese. My guests were really satisfied.

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