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2019. máj. 23.
2019. máj. 14.

My products

I like experimenting in the kitchen. First of all, we work with forestal spinoffs and vegetables and fruits from our garden which is free of chemicals. I have switched from the singular to the plural because I have a few helpers. In prepairing the food my big help is my 89-year-old mother, our family's great grandma. My friends help in bigger preservings or preserving the tiny-little wild garlic seeds. My daughter does the washing-up many times.

Receipts come from old family conventions, are born during cooking, are already invented and shared by other people in a cookery book or in a blog, - and need only a tiny change. I gladly visit Erdőkóstoló blogot, and its Facebook site in particular.

Food is preserved in conventional ways such as drying or steaming, without any preservatives. (The one and only exception is the part of the pickles made for our family, e.g. the very tasty pickled green pepper – we cannot preserve it without it.) As far as possible we are eco-conscious, for example, after collecting fruits we dry them under the sun or cook jam in a kettle by wood-burning.

Most of the freshly made and preserved products are eaten at the weed suppers (or breakfasts, lunchs or high-teas) or at the Ökocsali Buffet, so only few of them are sold. You cannot buy them in shops or rarely see them in the markets. In 2013 we sold them at the Feast of Spices in Pannonhalma and the craftsmen's market organized in the market hall in Pécs at advent. You can buy the products at Biobia's farm or we can send them by post in case of ordering a bigger amount. We gladly make smaller Christmas or promotional gifts.




Our products:

1.Salt with wild garlicSalt with wild garlic  Price: 600 HUF

2. Pickled seeds of wild garlic in a bottle of 2.2 dl Price: 2500 HUF/bottle, 600 HUF/ a tiny little bottle

3. Christmas gifts – In 2016 it was like that: the orderer chose from a list that contained dried fruit, spices, mushroom powder, pickled seeds of wild garlic, vegetable cream, jam, etc. They were put in a paper box which might be used further in a household.)