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2019. máj. 23.
2019. máj. 14.


Shed Lodge (Pajta Szálló)



In a beautiful, tiny village of Western Mecsek, 5 km far from Pécs, there is a nicely renewed rural estate, a Hungarian ranch. In its courtyard you can find a panelled, strip floored attic room in the shed, with an open community space and a patio downstairs.
It is available from 1 May till 1 November.
7673 Cserkút, Árpád köz 3.      nyil

House of Books (Könyves ház)



It is somewhere in the woods with no address, along the blue triangle blaze on Jakab Hill, near the Blue Walking-Route in South-Transdanube, 6 km far from Pécs, next to Cserkút and Kővágószőlős. It can be found in the very nature, in the reservation of the Duna-Dráva National Park in Western-Mecsek, under Zsongorkő. The woods, silence, fresh air embrace it within the arms of Gaia, the Mother of Earth.

You can get the key of the house at: 7673 Cserkút, Árpád köz 3.nyil


 Bia cottage



                      It is not for rent right now!




Szedres ház




                      It is not for rent right now!